Xi’an Imperial Fragrant and Crisp Niuroubing

25 Oct

We were trying to find a restaurant, and it turns out we’d gone the wrong way. Stuck on a busy corner with no obvious signs of lunch places to go to, we turned our attention to an open window, selling pastry-type filled buns. Just one open window, but other closed ones showing an almost factory line of people doing different jobs – kneading dough, cooking, filling and serving. Although it may have taken a few tries to get them to realise we were serious customers, the hot little meat parcel was well worth the energy to get. The flaky pastry had been pressed until it was slightly oily and crispy, coiling around the steaming hot mince beef inside fragrant with spices, herbs and leeks. Standing on the street corner, eating our 2.5 kuai buns, we felt pretty happy with ourselves, for negotiating one of our first street food experiences, and better still, ending up with such a successful, tasty lunch – a specialty from Xi’an. I would have taken a photo of these delicious morsels, but they were too hot and tasty to put down and get my camera out. Sometimes a girl’s just gotta eat!


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