Artisan bread café @ the Arrow Factory

8 Nov

I feel like I’m cheating by writing this – it’s a pop-up artisan bakery which only opened in the Arrow Factory art studio on a select few weekends – and we may have seen their last bakery day. So I’m sorry if I get anyone’s hopes up wanting to go there…But they say they will be back doing more pop-up food creations. The small bunch of artists put their creative spirits into making some amazing sourdough breads – walnut, olive or rosemary were some of the ones on offer. Though I’d only been in China for three weeks when I went here, I’d steered clear of bread, knowing that it most likely would be sweet and not the bread I know and love.

Back in Sydney, we make regular pilgrimages to Sonoma Bakery (and not just because our friend is a master baker there!), for I do love my sourdough. For those with sweet tooths (I also have one of these!), the cakes on offer were just what was needed on a cold Beijing afternoon. Hot Dutch apple pie could only have been improved with some ice-cream, and although a few of us wondered if a pumpkin pie cheesecake would work, the speed in which we demolished the whole thing proved the flavours were a hit. This post would not be complete without a mention of the coffee. Although not a regular coffee lover, I do sometimes feel like one, and thank god I tried this one… Using a proper coffee press, the coffee slid out of the machine and a thick crema formed on top. Topped up with hot frothy milk and even some latte art on the top, the coffee went down so well, I was surprised. Inside the little studio was like being in a bakery in Europe, but nestled in a Beijing hutong. The best of both worlds really!


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