Mao Mao Chong

11 Nov

So, there’s this Aussie guy and this Chinese girl, and they set up this little almost hole-in-the-wall bar/pizza place/funky meeting place in the Ban Chang Hutong off Jiaodoukou Nan Jie. It’s warm, welcoming and full of funky art-works by one of the co-owners. Their main fare is pizza – in fact 15 types. On special nights they’ve done chicken parma, and I hear they are even pulling out a weekly roast special for the winter months. Everyone seems to have their favourite pizza, from the simple margherita to the peasant (tomato, mozzarella, roasted eggplant, pesto  and parmigiano), and a name I hear being ordered a lot – Toddy’s number 2 with tomato, ham, mushrooms, olives, mozzarella and anchovies. Only thing is, you may sometimes need to wait, as the kitchen is fairly small and the pizza oven only cooks two pizzas at a time. But they are worth the wait, also for the house-made dough. Stephen and Stephanie also make great cocktails using their own infused vodkas – on Wednesdays they are only 25 kuai. The mojito is always good, as are their variations on the classic, but the kaffir lime infused vodka gets my tick, for the refreshing taste and subtle Thai flavour. Mmmm.  Other infused vodkas include tastes such as lemongrass, rooibus and honey. Their banana smoothie is also a winner, with lovely thick banana-y, cinnamon-y goodness.


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