Paomo Guan

28 Nov

If I wander from my apartment complex down my local Qianguaibang Hutong (which I have a feeling my complex used to be a part of before it was demolished for…well, apartments) I come across Paomo Guan, a Xi’an restaurant specialising in paomo – simple, right!? Word is that Beijingers cross town to sit at the low tables and stools for this place’s piping hot huuuuuuuge bowls of soup, filled with noodles, mutton or beef and the diced pancake – the “mo”. Add your own pickled garlic, chilli and coriander to the aromatic, five-spice, clove, cardamom and star anise flavoured broth, and I can understand why. Come hungry, as these bowls are filling. They take dedication to finish one, and the pancake keeps filling up even an hour after you’ve finished. I tried the classic yangrou paomo, but there’s also the xiaochao paomo (hot and sour). Although I’d heard you can break up the mo yourself, then it’s taken back to the kitchen for soup, meat and noodles to be added, mine came straight to the table with mo chopped by machine. I’d definitely be up for tearing it myself too. If you don’t have a down jacket in winter in Beijing, these soup bowls warm you up from the inside out. This Shaanxi restaurant also serves other regional favourites, including more soups and meat-filled buns.


2 Responses to “Paomo Guan”


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