Pie House

30 Nov

I went to two parties on two consecutive nights, and both of them featured the delightful pie creations from the Beijing Pie House. At a housewarming/birthday I got to try the bestselling French Silk and Razzleberry – a mixture of raspberries and blackberries – pies. The following night at my first Thanksgiving, I tried the Pumpkin Pie (another first) and Apple Pie. I was amazed at the detail that went into these pies. The top of the Razzleberry had pastry cutouts of maple leaves, and the chocolate filling of the French Silk was smooth, decadent and rich. The Apple Pie was delicious with ice cream.

The Pie House is a product of Beijinger Liang Wang and American pie lover Mark Huetsch who’s been making pies since he was six-years-old – when he couldn’t bear living without pies in China he decided to create his own. It seems people love him for doing so as well. They deliver free within the Fourth Ring Road or to Wudaokou complete (thoughtfully) with plates, forks and a pie cutting knife, which didn’t actually work so well. The success was in the tin foil bases at the end, and the almost-licked-clean plates people had tasted the creations on. In the case of the apple and pumpkin pies, people were too excited to get into them to bother with the plates, and instead ate out of the boxes they came in! They also say they only use fresh and natural food, without additives, artificial flavourings and the like, so use real dairy cream, fruits they peel and slice fresh, use their own vanilla extract for flavourings by soaking vanilla beans in alcohol for months and use dark 72 per cent cocoa content chocolate imported from France, and white chocolate imported from Belgium. Although they were all delicious, I’d have to say my favourite was the Razzleberry – so many berries and not too sweet made this one a standout for me, and it reminded me a lot of my Mum’s homemade berry jam, which I’m missing over here.

Razzleberry Pie picture courtesy of Pie House

Razzleberry Pie picture courtesy of Pie House


One Response to “Pie House”

  1. 惠艾丽 January 19, 2011 at 10:58 am #

    Yep, Razzleberry was definietly the winner. Also loved the long chat about pies with Mark when he delivered them in person! I didn’t know till then there was such a thing as a Pie Geek! And having the tins to reuse when cooking my own tarts was great too – otherwise hard to come by for a Beijing newcomer.

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