Hegel’s Bagels

6 Dec

What could be better than a Jewish New Yorker turning up to your apartment with a mixed dozen of his famous bagels? Probably him turning up with three dozen…unfortunately not all for me! At the moment they come in four flavours  – plain, sesame, garlic  rosemary and cinnamon raisin…although my sources tell me Jordan is working on new flavours to please all Beijing’s bagel aficionados. He may even start doing challah! There could be competition from others in the city, and he’s the new kid in town having only started a few months ago. But he’s got my vote. The free delivery within the fourth ring road was excellent service too. The savoury bagels have been a great change from rice for lunch, and I’ve made myself tuna, kewpie mayonnaise (yum!!!), lettuce, cucumber and tomato open bagels at work. Toasted, the cinnamon raisin bagel soaks in butter and is a fabulous morning breakfast.

I also have it on good authority from a friend who also got one dozen of the three that I ordered (who has also lived in New York and knows her bagels too) that the garlic rosemary bagel and cream cheese are a match made in heaven. Pity Jordan doesn’t deliver bagel toppings though. That’s all I can fault him on. Everything else gets a big thumbs up! From someone who eats bagels fairly regularly from both Glicks and Wellington bakeries on Bondi Road, and had my share of bagels “with a schmear” of cream cheese and lox in New York, these bagels are good.

Some people have said he takes a while to get back to you on emails. Be patient, because they are worth it! hegelsbagelsbeijing@gmail.com


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