Le Fromager de Pekin

18 Dec

At one of the recent Christmas “fayres” held in Beijing selling gifts, crafts and foods, I ran into a man who had a plate of different cheese tasters. Never one to say no to a tasting, I tried some of his “French” artisan cheese, and was impressed. Le Fromager de Pekin (the Cheese Maker of Beijing) was founded back in 2007 by Liu Yang, who was trained in France. He imported equipment and cultures from France, and still uses standard procedures used in traditional French cheese making. He says his mission is “a taste of France away from France”.

Picture courtesy of Le Fromager de Pekin

So, back to my tasting, I tried the Beijing grey soft cheese “gris de Pekin” – similar to camembert and St Marcellin. While a different texture and flavour to normal camembert, I found it to be tasty and cheesy, unlike the spreadable cheese I’d eaten so far in Beijing. It was coated in herbs. He’s also making ricotta, whey cheese, mozzarella and others. He also makes a pyramid cheese, from cow milk and goat rennet which I liked, but I was a particular fan of the grey cheese product he puts in a jar and steeps in olive oil. Marinated cheese is a favourite of mine back home, so I bought a jar of this cheese to have a taste of France back at home! I feel a bit naughty eating this cheese at home, but it’s so delicious and so un-China that I have to spoil myself with it every now and again!

Picture courtesy of Le Fromager de Pekin


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