Wonton soup

28 Dec

Probably one of the best breakfasts I’ve had in China so far was from a small shop next to our hostel near East Nanjing Road. We’d walked past it for three days and one the fourth – and unfortunately last – we decided to have breakfast there. Previously we’d tried the street pancake seller – a slightly different style to Beijing’s jianbing, but also very tasty, a little more oily though. Anyway, the shop had only five English options written in chalk above their door, I chose wonton soup.

The “shop” was made up of two open garages and a shopfront, where a huge pot of soup was boiling enticingly on the street. I’d seen a woman earlier chopping the bok choy and vegetables – a cleaver in each hand and the green juice of the vegetables drained through a hole in the board. Further along in the garage she was sitting in, were trays and trays of freshly made wontons, ready to be plopped into a steaming bowl of stocky soup.

Huge bowls were delivered to our table, filled with about eight of the biggest wontons I’d ever seen. Virtually impossible to eat with chopsticks or all in one bite, I’d rest it on the spoon and try and maneuver my mouth so I could take a nibble around the slippery edges. Inside was piping hot vegetable and meat filling, and speaking of filling – the soup was just that. Such a warming and hearty start to a chilly day in Shanghai, it was just the thing we needed. A little bit of chilli oil and vinegar added to the broth created a top-notch Chinese-style breakfast, and one we all raved about. We only wished we’d gone there earlier.


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    […] since our Christmas trip to Shanghai, where we ate huge bowls of hot wonton soup for breakfast, I’ve been craving more wontons. Hun Tun (wonton) Hou is known for their wonton […]

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