Tastes of home

3 Jan

I’m loving the culinary adventures through China, and am yet to get sick of Chinese food in all its guises. Which is lucky because I’m only three months into my twelve-month placement here in Beijing! But when Christmas came around, for some reason the cold weather made me pine (no pun intended!) for the Chrissy food my family would be eating at home. Although I miss my Mum’s summer berry pudding, cassata, ham and turkey, it was the traditional fare passed on through her English mother and aunty that I craved. Mince pies, Christmas cake, shortbread…I looked hard in Beijing, I went to Christmas fayres in the hope they would sell some of these goodies. The German one had gingerbread and stollen, another which promised mince pies only had an Indonesian food stall. I drank my fill of mulled wine, and ate some semi-mince pies made with pomegranate (nice addition) but crunchy puff pastry (fail). So when my Mum and Aunty came to Beijing tonight, their cases were heavy not so much with warm winter gear, but more with edible goodies for me. Oh I was so lucky!! Aunty Jo had brought a little tub of mini mince pies and a bag of star-shaped shortbread.

Mum had made a tub of rocky road, sealed up so tight with sticky tape to keep my Dad and sister away while it was sitting in their fridge back home.

I got a huge bag of the best, most delicious dried mango from Cairns. It is honestly the best. And they both brought me Christmas cakes. I am one amazingly lucky girl. Thanks Mum, thanks Jo! And special thanks go to my sister Ali for helping make the Christmas cake, and both her and Dad for being so generous and not sneaking into the fridge to eat the Beijing stash.


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