Pot luck lunch

30 Jan

I just had to post a link to this incredible feast held in Hubei province marking Chinese New Year.
Apparently they broke the world record for showing the most dishes in multiple venues! The detail they went into is also fairly extraordinary – who would want to eat the little rabbits!?!?
My Mum, Aunty and I were lucky enough to be at a much smaller version of a “pot luck” lunch for Spring Festival recently at a Beijing elderly community, where all the residents brought a thermos, flask or container of food to share.  It was amazing what some of the elderly people brought to share, and they must have been up early in the morning cooking to try and impress their friends. There was a whole cooked fish, sticky rice triangles wrapped in banana leaves, dumplings, stir fried vegetables, meats, noodles, crispy bread things, chicken wings and so much more.
Mum and Jo brought along “Ao da li ya cai” – Australian “cuisine” of pikelets. As my apartment has no oven, they had to be creative in what they could make, and also use ingredients that were fairly easy to get here. The food was all a hit. The room was filled with laughter, old friends gossiping away to each other and sharing their food. The mood in the room was one of excitement and joy – everyone was so proud of what they had made and wanted to show it off, explain what was in it, what it was, and how to eat it.
At one stage Mum had two dumplings almost force fed into her, and it was great to see the elderly Chinese helping Mum and Jo put the jam on the pikelets and arranging them with their chopsticks. There was not a lot of wastage, and everyone left feeling satisfied and happy.


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