Valentine’s dinner, BJ style

14 Feb

Dan has no idea that his cooking tonight makes it into our blog, but his (un)Valentine’s Day dinner was so amazing I have to blog about it. We don’t normally celebrate Valentine’s Day, and although we had vague thoughts about heading out to dinner in Beijing somewhere, the plans got a bit waylaid when we stumbled across an incredible fruit and vegetable market just around the corner from our house. All we had to do was follow the people with plastic bags full of goodies. When we got there we were not disappointed.

Tables of strawberries, from 6 to 9rmb per jin (half kilo), papayas for 3rmb a jin, every kind of Asian green vegetable imaginable and oh, the mushrooms were of almost every colour, shape and size imaginable. We started salivating straight away, and all thoughts of eating out were banished! Yes, Beijing is a great city to eat out in, but after a few weeks away we were craving home cooked food with little oil and salt and lots of crunch, flavour, colour and vitamins. 

We stocked up our trusty re-usable-eco-bags that come in handy almost every day of living in Beijing, stopped in at Wu Mart to pick up some pork fillet and off home. Dan got straight to work, dicing, slicing, marinating, while I put a beer in the freezer and tried to help out by cleavering the garlic and ginger. What appeared on the table was a culinary masterpiece – all up I think we counted more than 15 vegetables in the stir-fry. Tender marinated pork fillet among glass noodles and all that colour and flavour…it included: capsicum, two types of mushroom, ginger, garlic, onion, lotus root, (fresh) water chestnuts, sweetcorn, broccoli, unidentified green leafy vegetable, coriander, eggplant, chilli and I forget the others…Anyway, it was an excellent meal for an (un)Valentine’s Day. Oh, and I finished the meal with a fruit salad – papaya, pineapple, strawberries, oranges, apples and others…apart from being awesomely healthy, it was so so so tasty. So I had to give a shout-out to my lovely other Hungry Traveller, Dan, and say thankyou for the dinner, darling. (awwwww).

* Of course, I couldn’t take any photos of dinner unfortunately or he would have known I was going to write about it and possibly not allow it. You’ll just have to imagine it.


2 Responses to “Valentine’s dinner, BJ style”

  1. Wayne Purcell February 25, 2011 at 5:48 pm #

    A bit different to the Valentine’s Day fondue of offer at Haagendasz! Heart-shaped ice-creams and sorbets, chocolates and cookies with a big bowl of, I think, liquid chocolate. We didn’t get it, but it looked pretty good and way too filling (we don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day either, we were in Haagendasz on the 13th!).

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