Tomato and egg soup

23 Feb

In Italian cooking, tomato and basil are a match made in heaven. The Maltese pair tomato paste with crusty white bread and good olive oil. The Spanish fry chorizo with tomato and in Australia you couldn’t have a barbecue without tomato sauce. Basically every culture has something they love to pair with tomatoes, something that just…goes. The Chinese have their version too: tomato and egg. It’s something I’d never been able to get my head around before – Dan loves tomato sauce on his fried eggs. To me, I can’t think of anything worse. But the tomato and egg noodle soup I eat here in Beijing is fabulous – the flavours just go so well. There’s a Shanxi noodle place near my work which sells small, medium and large bowls of it, and another about 10 minutes walk from my house, which always seems to be out of that soup (not sure if it’s the eggs or tomatoes they don’t order enough of) and during winter when I’ve craved soup, I’ve gone to both to warm myself up with lovely big tasty bowls of the stuff.

One of my favourite soups is tomato, but whereas that is a pureed version, these versions have a tomato liquid, big chunks of tomato floating among thick eggy strands and underneath are lovely chewy noodles. There’s often a few green slices of bok choy or something similar floating in it. But while I’ve noticed many Chinese people eating the noodles and substantial parts of the soup, many leave the broth to waste! What a tragedy. The egg is pretty damn tasty too – perhaps that’s from MSG or salt… 😦 Anyway, while I eat this soup, I forget about the MSG that may or may not be lurking in the broth, because it’s too good to leave any in the bowl.


One Response to “Tomato and egg soup”

  1. Wayne Purcell February 25, 2011 at 5:42 pm #

    Mmmm, tomato and egg soup. My first few experiences of this were good, but the last couple have been fairly bland and watery, lacking noodles and other things to fill up the bowl. You can get just tomato and eggs. It’s one of the meals that I can order in Chinese – Xihongsi jidan (tang)!!!

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