LOVE cupcakes

31 Mar

Cupcakes were big in New York, then Sydney, then Melbourne, so it’s only right that they have found their way to China and Beijing.  There are a few cupcake bakeries now popping up around the city, to cater for expats missing home comforts and Chinese sweet-tooths. I remember Dan once buying me a selection of the Cupcakes on Pitt delights about four years ago when I visited him in Sydney. I loved them. You can hardly go 100 metres in Sydney or Melbourne without stumbling on a cupcake shop (Cupcakes on Pitt, Sparkle Cupcakery, and my personal favourite and friend’s store, Cupcake Central [no bias there either, I promise!]). Walking down NanLuoGuXiang this weekend we noticed the familiar floral stands announcing a new store’s presence in the street. It’s the strip’s first cupcake shop, called LOVE. Walk down the shop’s fairy-floss coloured corridor with black wall adornments until you are met by around five or six shop attendants and a window with delicious-looking cupcakes.

As it was their first day, they explained the window wasn’t as full as it normally would have been. Lemon cheesecake, blueberry, raspberry and marshmallow cupcakes were in the window, and as our luck would have it, a tray of fresh pear and brownie cupcakes were being brought out. The cake-part actually was a brownie, so technically not a cupcake. Not to worry though, although the consistency was a little dry, crumbly and nutty. We would have liked it to be a little moister inside. The icing was sweet but didn’t really taste of much, but the poached pear on top provided the much-needed moisture in the cupcake and we wished there could have been more on top. So until we get back to Melbourne to eat some more of Sheryl’s divine salted caramel cupcakes, we’ll maybe have to make do with these, or also start “sampling” (in the name of research) other cupcakes around Beijing.


2 Responses to “LOVE cupcakes”

  1. andrew March 31, 2011 at 8:02 pm #

    made my mouth water. i will be in sydney next week and will visit one of the shops you mention.



    • thehungrytravellers March 31, 2011 at 9:43 pm #

      Jealous!! Cupcakes on Pitt I would recommend – obviously on Pitt St. Say hello to Sydney for me…xx

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