Capital M

5 Aug

Where to begin with Capital M? We could start with the beautiful setting overlooking Tiananmen Square, the perfect service starting from the maitre’d to our waiters, or the extensive wine list featuring top drops from around the world and yummy fruity cocktails. These are all standout features of Capital M, but we’ll talk about the thing that really shines through above the rest. The food.

And where to start with that? Perhaps with the sweetest dish, at the end, with their famous dessert platter, featuring amazing (and also famous) passionfruit pavlova, mille feuille, sorbets, souffle, chocolates, jelly and tarts. It was a divine way to finish the meal. The “Happy Birthday” written in chocolate was a thoughtful touch, particularly as they must have remembered from my original email booking that we were celebrating Dan’s birthday.

But, we’ve got ahead of ourselves. A bread basket of house-made lavosh and grainy bread was completely moorish, and luckily, bottomless, and the Meditteranean seafood mezze plate was a delightful display of colour, flavour and texture, featuring squid, octopus, fish, olives, taramasalata and fresh pita bread.

While it was a toss-up between Australian wagyu steak and pork, a friend’s recommendation to try the suckling pig was spot on. Three juicy, melt-in-your-mouth squares of pork topped with crispy, sinfully-good crackling, sitting on summer fruits, fennel and endive left Dan wondering whether he could lick the plate in a restaurant like this…he did the next best thing by mopping up the juices with the house-made bread.

The salt-encased Australian lamb was also cooked to perfection, with yoghurt tzatziki and a little spinach ricotta pie on the side.

Much like a great book you have to keep reading but don’t want to as you know if you keep reading you will finish too soon, this meal was like that. And then, our attention turned to the dessert platter…which we won’t make you jealous by writing about again.


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