Maison Boulud

29 Aug

Ok, I’ll say it upfront and get it out of the way.

In our extremely humble opinions, we were not so impressed with our meal at Maison Boulud e Pekin. Yes, it’s constantly ranked as one of, if not the best restaurant in Beijing, and yes, we only ate brunch here, and yes, what would be know, we’re only bloggers.

Although we don’t do fine dining often (being volunteers doesn’t really allow for that!), we have dined at some of Beijing’s best ranked restaurants, as well as fine dining establishments in Sydney (Quay, Tetsuya’s), Melbourne (Ezard) and New York. So it’s not like we are complete novices to this.

But, a few things combined here to sour our experience, including Dan’s butterfish being served dry and a little tough, a waitress laughing at us when she didn’t know what something was on the menu, and the overall value (Capital M brunch menu is much better value, with a cocktail included, bottomless tea and coffee and no 15 per cent surcharge).

One the positive side, my sardines were flavoursome and paired with some delicious sauce and vegetables, and the egg yolk fettucine was a hit in our dining group – if a little rich for brunch time. Dan’s steak tartare was juicy and moist, and one of the famous DB burgers with fois gras was eaten and enjoyed.

Our caramel dessert was a little lacking in flavour, although a bite of a friend’s coconut one gave me order envy.

The small touches such as the basket of warm madeleines at the end, and the house-made tree bread were enjoyable.

I really wanted to like this place. And it’s not often that I don’t like restaurants. I can handle snooty wait staff (most of these ones weren’t, by the way), lacking decor (this was lovely), and prices that are slightly higher, if you get what you’re paying for.

But there was something that didn’t sit right with Maison Boulud. It was a special occasion brunch (for the money, it has to be!), and we were all happy to have tried it out, but just not blown away as we had hoped to have been.


One Response to “Maison Boulud”

  1. Alex September 2, 2011 at 4:10 pm #

    This is good to know. As for Capital M’s brunch, I’ve been wanting to try it. Was there much in the way of vegetarian fare when you went?

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