Yangshuo Cooking School

15 Nov

I’d taken a cooking course in Beijing, and wanted to do one in Yangshuo when we spent a few days there in September. The Yangshuo Cooking School came recommended, and I booked in with a friend to go one lazy afternoon. Our partners called out to us to bring them back some food, and we paid them lip service, secretly knowing there would be none left over to bring home!

A quick trip to the market to buy some ingredients where we saw some different fruits and vegetables than what’s normally available in Beijing. But we specially requested not to go into the dog meat section. As dog lovers, it’s not something we really wanted to see, then have to cook an hour later.

Our lovely teacher/chef Jennifer ran us through the basics of wok cooking…”if it’s not smoking, there’s no cooking”. We dutifully turned our hotplates on, up, down, off, up, off, down, as she instructed. Our first dish was steamed chicken, which we chopped up with Chinese dates, ginseng and goji berries, steamed in a basket.

Next up was egg-wrapped dumplings – delicious pork mince with mint, which was fried inside a little egg omelette. They were divine. Linda and I agreed they were both our favourite. An eggplant stir fry was also delicious, and one we agreed we’d try at home. Stir fry vegetables with pork and greens were nice and tasty, and gave us some new techniques when using the woks at home.

Unfortunately, we got back to our hotel with no take away boxes for the boys, but I have since made Dan the eggplant and egg-wrapped dumplings, to a rave review!


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