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A trip to Maui, Hawaii

29 Jul

Hawaii…known for its stunning beaches, spectacular coastline and pineapples, all of which lived up to the hype. Staying on Maui for a wedding, we were treated to some delicious American cuisine…and also some we’d rather forget. Among the copious amounts of mai tais, margheritas, mango mimosas and bloody marys, swimming in the beach and the resort pool and hanging out with good friends, we found time to taste some traditional Hawaiian roast pork (cooked for hours in an underground pit), edamame guacamole, mahi-mahi and other delicious seafood. Portions, as expected, were huge. Entrees are called appetizers, and mains are called entrees (very confusing!), and sometimes even an appetizer would be ample.

Food highlights of the time there  included a delicious dinner at Tommy Bahama (who would have thought at a clothes store?!), where we shared sticky pork ribs (with AMAZING mash – I could eat mash at almost every meal. Shoutouts to the purple and white mixed mash at Jake and Alicia’s wedding) and macadamia crusted salmon steak.

A yummy, fresh – and again, huge – serving of cobb salad with crab, prawn and chicken at the Four Seasons Resort, the bee pollen, white peach and raspberry smoothie also at the Four Seasons Wailea, and the deliciously decadent and ridiculously large scoops of ice-cream at Lappert’s Ice Cream and Coffee. Flavours: think peanut butter cups and caramel topping with macadamias…so so good.

Unfortunately there were lowlights to the eating, including cheeseburgers and fries drenched in cheese and sauce, and a Rueben sandwich featuring loads of salty pastrami and sourkraut and rye bread so dry it was falling apart.

Of course, as mentioned with the mash, the food at the wedding was lovely. The boys at our table even requested seconds of the beef. A Hawaiian dessert of caramelised bananas was a hit, as was the lolly bar, featuring Jaffas, Crunchies and Cherry Ripes representing the Aussie half of the wedding, and Jellie Bellies, m & m’s, and Tootsie Rolls for the American side.

Picture courtesy Mairav Whitten

A delicious holiday, spent with fabulous company in a beautiful location!